About Graphene Materials

Whether you are a novice or an expert, researcher or investor, local partner or global enterprise, we can explain what makes SupraG’s graphene-based products unique in a language you can understand. 

At SupraG, we are beyond all the hype and we have a practical focus to develop industrial scale, market ready graphene-based products.  From the beginning, we understood that even with graphene’s unique material properties and great potential, in order for graphene to have any commercial potential, the processing methods had to be scalable and economic.  Thus, SupraG’s approach starts with the chemical processing of graphite (a readily available and cheap commodity) for high yield graphene oxide production with controlled physical and chemical properties.  Then, using the graphene oxide as our raw material input, we apply SupraG’s patented methods to remove the oxygen groups and restore the conductivity of the atomically-thin graphene sheets, which can then be readily incorporated into value-added products. The ability to control our downstream material supply gives SupraG an important competitive advantage in developing value-added products that incorporate graphene materials.

Our current focus is on developing enhanced carbon electrodes used for energy storage devices, especially supercapacitors.  SupraG’s graphene material significantly enhance the performance of this technology and our processing methods were easily transferable to current manufacturing equipment.  Traditional carbon-based energy storage devices are made using a carbon slurry, which is a viscous composite consisting of activated carbon, carbon black, and various binders and additives.  SupraG’s tailored graphene sheets can be used to create specially formulated carbon slurries that are industry-compatible for large-scale roll coating, where a thin layer of the slurry is deposited and dried to produce a carbon electrode or thin film. These electrodes are then used in energy storage devices, such as supercapacitors.

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What Makes SupraG Unique?

SupraG Energy has exclusive access to two patent families covering the processing of aqueous graphene suspensions, the preparation of graphene hydrogel membranes, and the application of these materials in energy storage devices.

The key innovation of SupraG’s technology is to use atomically thin sheets of reduced graphene oxide as a carbon-based molecular building block to construct a conductive, porous carbon electrode with extremely high energy density.  SupraG’s graphene films retain a highly accessible surface area while being densely packed because the structure of the film is engineered at a sub-nanometer scale by controlling the morphology and self-assembly of graphene sheets. 

The surface chemistry and morphology of these individual graphene sheets will impact the nanostructure and performance of carbon films and supercapacitor devices.  SupraG’s patented processing methods can be tuned to deliver specific chemical and physical properties that are tailored in order to achieve targeted performance metrics.  It is also possible to functionalize the graphene sheets with dopants and additives to further enhance particular aspects of material performance.  SupraG works alongside industrial partners to develop unique graphene materials especially suited for the intended application.

Manufacturing common forms of porous carbon used in energy storage devices requires extremely high temperatures and harsh chemicals.  In contrast, SupraG’s processing methods are conducted at low temperatures and are water based.  This is another key advantage that allows for simple and scalable industry-ready manufacturing that reduces energy demands while being environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 

Our Pilot Manufacturing Facility

We have leveraged our partnerships with large manufacturing facilities in China with the local R&D capabilities and government support available to our pilot manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne. 

SupraG’s key partnership with the large China-based graphene oxide supplier, Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group (TJIG), ensures we are able to optimize our purchasing power and quality control of the raw material used for processing.  Further, SupraG has established an Australian-based advanced manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne to ensure the industry readiness of our graphene-based films and supercapacitor devices.  SupraG has built strong relationships within the Australian research sector, and is currently working with Monash, Deakin, and Swinburne Universities.  Complimenting Australia’s strong academic base, SupraG’s unique position in the value chain offers research groups access to scalable manufacturing equipment for graphene-based products as well as upstream assistance in identifying market opportunities and downstream benefits of sourcing high-quality, lower-cost materials from a local, reliable supplier.

SupraG’s manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne is ideally positioned to participate in the University of Melbourne’s $1 billion investment at Fisherman’s Bend to build a seven-hectare campus for advanced manufacturing, design, engineering, and technology excellence.  Our Port Melbourne facility includes a wet chemistry lab for ongoing research and development of SupraG’s graphene materials and carbon slurries, a pilot manufacturing plant with a high-volume reactor vessel and industrial scale roll-to-roll coating of SupraG’s graphene-based films, and electrochemical testing equipment for validating the performance of SupraG’s energy storage devices.

SupraG was recently awarded an Accelerating Commercialization Grant from the Australian Government to assist in covering the initial costs of establishing a local manufacturing plant. 

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Our Supercapacitor Devices

While still in the trial stages of development, our supercapacitor devices already show over twice the energy density of current products on the market, which translates to a large energy storage capability at half the size!

The supercapacitor market is on the brink of dramatic expansion. The combination of skyrocketing demand for in consumer devices, the Internet of Things, and electricity powered transport necessitates the continuous availability of quickly charging energy sources. This tremendous growth in demand has helped push decades of research over the development brink, finally enabling the dawn of new energy sources.

Unlike batteries, which have slow rates of charging and discharging and limited cycle lifetime, supercapacitors can rapidly collect and disburse energy. This rapid charging and discharging facilitates extremely high-power requirements and reduces device down-time, expanding the utility of electronics and opening new opportunities for enhanced functionality to meet growing demand.  SupraG’s graphene-based energy storage advantage expands device performance; opening myriad innovative opportunities and enabling new solutions to problems in the current energy paradigm.

Supercapacitors have historically been constructed with activated carbon, a high purity form of charcoal. However, the recent research boom in graphene has paved the way for dramatic expansion thanks to incredible material properties of these novel thin films. We believe that the ability to produce high quality graphene thin films in high volume will catapult supercapacitor technologies to the forefront of market adoption.

Our Coatings and Thin Films

Our current commercial focus is on high energy density supercapacitor devices, but the graphene-based materials produced with SupraG’s patented processing methods can add value to many carbon-based products using our slurries, coatings, and thin films.

Alongside energy storage devices, SupraG also intends to develop other types of of new graphene-based technologies, with a variety of new product offerings being developed during the next few years.  A particularly promising commercial product application is with electrothermal films, where SupraG’s same patented processing methods and pilot plant equipment can be applied.  Research on graphene-based electrothermal films has shown great performance and stability of these conductive, electricity-powered, flexible film heaters that are easily fabricated by a roll-coating method.  This material is very promising for radiant heat devices and other practical applications such as defrosting and antifogging. 

In addition to direct manufacturing, SupraG is able to tailor specific graphene materials for industry partners, universities, and the research sector.  We have already established ongoing contracts with collaborators and customers in Australia.   If you are interested in the development of specialized graphene formulations for your own purposes, please contact us for more information.

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