Graphene Technology You Can Use

There has been a lot of talk about the revolutionary possibilities of graphene technology, but until now, the challenges with large scale processing have limited the commercial potential of graphene products. 

SupraG Energy specializes in practical and scalable manufacturing of solution-based graphene platelets, which can be readily incorporated into additives and films for various applications.  Our current focus is on developing graphene-based supercapacitor devices, and our initial prototypes already exhibit more than twice the energy density of commercial supercapacitors currently on the market – all with only a nominal increase in costs!

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What do we offer?


Graphene-based technology for next generation energy storage solutions.

SupraG’s patented processing method is able to double the energy density of supercapacitor electrodes.



Experience and capability to successfully develop and commercialize graphene products.

SupraG has been able to achieve low-cost, scalable processing of graphene through a unique combination of research expertise and business partnerships.



Build industry and research partnerships that add value.

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